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Exit Polls Shows Salvini’s Far-Right Party Wins Italy’s EU Elections

Exit Polls Shows Salvini's Far-Right Party Wins Italy’s EU Elections

A triumphant Matteo Salvini kissed the cross of the rosary as he thanked “those up there” for his far-right party’s success within the European parliamentary elections.

Provisional outcomes early on Monday gave the League a significant 34.33% win, defeating expectations and concreting its position as Italy’s most excellent party.

“I didn’t entrust the stainless Mary with a vote or party success,” Salvini told reporters in Milan. “However, with the longer term and future of a continent.”

Salvini thanked supporters on his social media quickly after hearing the League was leading in exit polls, posting an image of himself holding a ticket with the note “No.1 party in Italy, thank you.” On the shelves behind him were a “Make America Great Again” baseball cap as well as footage of Jesus Christ and the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

Mattia Diletti, a politics educator at Rome’s Sapienza University, stated Italy had delivered the “most Trumpian” lead to Europe. “I knew the League would win, however not by a lot, we at the moment are a province of Trumpism,” he added. “Italians had been asking for robust feelings and emotion, to feel pride again, and like [Donald] Trump, that’s what Salvini gave.”

Salvini additionally posted a swirl of photographs of him on the cellphone giving live interviews all through the night as he praised his party going from 6.2% within the 2014 EU poll to leading in Italy. “Five years ago, the dailies wrote about our drowning, now right here we’re, the number one party,” he mentioned.

However, he added that the celebrations would only last “a couple of minutes” as “now’s the time for duty.”

Salvini made demographics a fundamental part of his campaign as a part of a nativist imaginative and prescient to reverse Italy’s contracting inhabitants and defend Italian identity. With the same old anti-immigration oratory, he further drilled into Catholic sensitivities whereas making an enemy of Pope Francis, often mocking the cardinal for calling on folks to help migrants.

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