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Samsung Galaxy Note10 Upgraded Weather Data for Users

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Upgraded Weather Data for Users

The Samsung Weather knowledge on the Galaxy Note10 is taking an upgrade1 because of a collaboration with The Weather Channel, a subsidiary of IBM. For the first time, consumers who buy a Galaxy Note10 may have access in Samsung Weather, including government-assigned weather alerts2, radar maps3, and weather video clips4 from The Weather Channel’s editorial team.

Checking the weather is considered as an everyday activity for people all over the world, and one of the most common events on user’s mobile devices. Galaxy users now use Samsung Weather, powered by The Weather Channel, to assist plan their day.

Samsung Weather also permits Galaxy Note10 users to connect on to The Weather Channel’s website, to survey real-time radar maps, providing users entry to high-decision, past-to-future radar information and current hyperlocal weather. Moreover, users will obtain government-issued weather alerts from the smartphone’s weather widget on the home screen.

“Samsung is dedicated to delivering meaningful innovation to our users. Our partnership with The Weather Channel is one other example of our ongoing efforts to deliver seamless services which might be widely available and simplify the lives of Galaxy device owners,” Yongje Kim, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics describes. “Together with The Weather Channel, we’re offering people extra data and making weather checks on Galaxy Note10 easier, quicker and more important.”

The Weather Channel has powered Samsung Weather across smartphones since the launch of the Galaxy S8 and continues to be the default weather data supplier on select Samsung smartphones.

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