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Android TV Now Comes with Data Server Feature

Android TV Now Comes with Data Server Feature

On Tuesday, Google stated it’s bringing a set of latest features to Android TVs to enhance the experience of users who depend on mobile hotspots to connect their giant devices to the internet. The features, developed by Google’s Subsequent Billion Users team, can be the first launch in India and then in other countries, the company stated.

Forward of its yearly event in New Delhi on Thursday, where the company is anticipated to make various announcements, Google mentioned it has recognized and addressed an issue faced by millions of users: Their TVs aren’t connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or wired/ethernet line.

As a substitute, these users depend on hotspots (local network) created via their smartphones or tablets. “However that presents issues,” wrote Joris van Mens. Watching HD quality TV on a mobile data connection can shortly drain your daily data plan.

To handle this, Google says it’s introducing a feature known as ‘data saver’ to Android TVs that would reduce the data utilization on mobile connections by up to 3 times, thereby allowing users to consume extra content on their TVs. It’s also introducing a ‘data alerts’ function to help users better monitor how much data they’ve consumed watching TV.

Another feature dubbed ‘hotspot guide’ will enable users to set up their TV with their mobile hotspot. And last, Google is introducing the ability in its Files app to permit users to cast video files locally stored on their phones to the TV without utilizing internet data. Files app, which Google launched two years ago, allows users to free up content on their phones. The company mentioned last month that Files app had amassed over 100 million users.

At an event in Bangalore on Tuesday, Xiaomi unveiled a new lineup of TVs that can support Netflix and Prime Video. The Chinese electronics giant, which is the top smartphone vendor in India, confirmed that its new TV models would support Google’s ‘data saver’ feature.

Later this week, Google is anticipated to make various announcements around its payments app and other services in its yearly Google for India event. Indian newspaper Economic Times reported this week that a kind of statements might be the launch of Kormo, a job discovery app that’s currently available in select developing markets, in India.

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