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Chromebook Flip C433 Will Release This October by Asus

Chromebook Flip C433 Will Release This October by Asus

The C400-series of Asus Chromebooks is a slightly more reasonably priced model of the present C434 model. Its specs are very related, besides its absence i7-8500Y CPU option and the 14-inch IPS FHD touchscreen has color gamut limited to 45%. On the positive aspect, the stereo speakers get a more ergonomic placement on the right and left chassis edges.

Chromebooks appear to be in quite a bit of demand in the education sector nowadays, at least judging by how usually OEMs update their lineups every year. Asus, refreshed its C400-series twice this year and announced another new model to be launched next month the Chromebook C433. This one is an extra reasonably priced model of the recently launched C434, hence the slight spec variations.

The new C433 only permits users to pick among the Core m3-8100Y and Core i5-8200Y CPUs, as in opposition to the additional Core i7-8500Y option discovered on the C434. Moreover, the C433 has a very slightly bigger chassis, so it weighs a bit more (3.24 pounds), and the 14-inch FHD IPS touchscreen is limited to 45% NTSC color gamut. On the design aspect, the C433 repositioned the dual-speaker on the best and left edges of the chassis so as not to prevent them when the device is in tablet mode. Otherwise, the specs are identical.

So far as availability and pricing are concerned, Asus only mentioned that the C433 Flip would begin selling first in the U.K for £499 and up this October.

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