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2nd Death in Massachusetts Due to EEE

2nd Death in Massachusetts Due to EEE

Another person in Massachusetts has passed away from Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), a rare virus that causes brain infections, making it the 10th reported case within the state this year, based on the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

James Longworth, from Freetown, south of Boston, died last week.

Longworth, a 78-year-old carpenter, began not feeling well last Sunday, collapsing twice before paramedics rushed him to the hospital and he later died because of the devastating virus, the news reported.

His wife, Diane Balestracci, informed the outlet he was in a coma by Monday before dying on Thursday. She described her husband as “excellent persons.”

She mentioned she suspected an infected mosquito bit her husband of their backyard, where Longworth had enjoyed doing their yard work in his spare time.

Because of fears over the outbreak, many Massachusetts communities have canceled outdoor activities from dusk until dawn.

As many as 35 communities have at critical risk, 40 at high risk and 128 at moderate risk for the EEE virus in Massachusetts, according to the state’s website.

In addition to with the ten human cases of the EEE virus reported this season in Massachusetts, officials have reported eight cases of the virus in animals, seven horses, and a goat.

To fight the virus, the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) ordered aerial spraying for mosquitos and will remain to do so over the weekend in parts of Bristol and Plymouth Counties, based on the Department of Public Health in Massachusetts.

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