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Unfamiliar Mineral Found in Diamond

Unfamiliar Mineral Found in Diamond

A single grain of rock stuck in a diamond which never discovered this mineral.

That newly found substance might uncover unique chemical reactions unfolding inside the depths of the veil, the layer of Earth that exists between the earth crust and outer core.

Scientists discovered the mineral from a volcanic site in South Africa generally known as the Koffiefontein mine. These Shining diamonds speckle the dark, volcanic rock that lines the mine, and the diamonds themselves contain tiny bits of different minerals from hundreds of miles beneath Earth’s surface. Inside one among these sparkling stones, scientists discovered a dark green, opaque mineral that estimated was forged about 105 miles (170 kilometers) underground.

The whole mantle is about 1,802 miles (2,900 km) thick, based on National Geographic, which makes the layer’s lowermost regions difficult for scientists to study. The extreme pressure and heat in the upper mantle transform small carbon deposits into sparkling diamonds; the rocks trap different mantle minerals in their structures and could be pushed to the planet surface by underground volcanic eruptions. By analyzing mineral inclusions within the diamonds, scientists can take a look at chemical processes that occur far beneath the crust.

The research authors noted that, for a mantle mineral, goldschmidtite has a peculiar chemical composition.

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