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A Woman Infected with Flesh-Eating Bacteria After Getting a Manicure

A Woman Infected with Flesh-Eating Bacteria After Getting a Manicure

A Tennessee woman claimed that she went to a nail salon to get a manicure, however, left with a flesh-eating bacteria. She even claims the infection nearly caused her to lose her hand.

Jayne Sharp informed news channel she “got poked in her thumb” this year while getting a manicure at Knoxville, Tennessee’s Jazzy Nail Bar. Sharp reported the outlet that she initially did not imagine the prick was anything to worry.

However, within “a couple of hours,” she mentioned her thumb started “throbbing,” and she started to feel flu-like signs. One of Sharp’s daughters, a registered nurse, pleaded that she see a doctor and then went.

The next morning, the swelling had made it up Sharp’s elbow, and she was taken to the emergency room, where she received terrifying information, reports WTVF. She was informed the ailment was necrotizing fasciitis a rare however lethal bacterial infection that kills the body’s soft tissue.

“The doctors told us if I waited another hour it might not be the situation,” Sharp informed news channel. “I think of the person in Florida was dead in 48 hours from flesh-eating bacteria.”

A person battling cancer died from flesh-eating bacteria 48 hours after a Florida beach trip in July. The person’s daughter confirmed he had been infected with Vibrio vulnificus, “which manifests into necrotizing fasciitis,” she mentioned in a social media post.

A 12-year-old Indiana girl who was vacationing along with her family in Florida in June additionally contracted rare flesh-eating bacteria. Based on the news report, doctors observed an infection between Indiana’s girl knee and diagnosed her with necrotizing fasciitis. She was last reported to be in recovery.

Sharp had multiple surgeries carried out in Knoxville and Nashville; however, she stated it took months for her to feel normal. She added that her thumb continues to be numb and looks a bit different than before. “I am just lucky to be alive,” she stated.

Sharp told the outlet she is pursuing legal action against the salon.

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